Treat Eye Bags

Has a great eye bags will not look pretty , especially if you are not clever to cover it . Eye bags themselves can arise due to several reasons , for example, you are too often facing on computer screens , television screens , mobile phone screens which gradually makes your eyes become weak and arises eye bags , or due to lack of sleep and not eating enough foods that contain vitamin A and grounds other health .

Eye puffiness might you use concealer to cover but will be clearly visible when you remove makeup and cleanse face . Your eye bags will look great and if not treated , then it is likely to be even greater. Natural treatments can you do to eliminate eye bags using natural materials that already exist .

  • You can eliminate eye bags with strawberries . Nice addition to whiten teeth and brighten the face , strawberries can also be used to reduce the appearance of deep-pocketed eye . Strawberry fruit is very good for you make a face mask of his pieces at the same time you make eye patch to cure the existing appearance of eye bags .
  • Just like strawberries , cucumber can also be used to soothe the eyes . The content of natural cooling is able to make your eyes relaxed and refreshed . How to wear it very easy , you just need to choose fresh cucumber , wash them thoroughly and then place it over the eyes .

  • Potatoes . This one plant can also be used to reduce eye bags , if you wear a processed potato that has been cut on a regular basis .
  • Ice cubes . One way is relatively very easy , you just need a refrigerator to get ice cubes. Put ice cubes that have been placed in a cloth , then mengompreskannya slowly on the eye surface that has eye bags . This method is very easy and efficient, can be done anytime .
  • For a modern way , you can use an eye cream . Choose an eye cream that is recommended by beauty experts to avoid irritation . Consult with your doctor to be safe beauty .
  • For the treatment of the body . You must be diligent to drink liters of mineral water at a dose equivalent to two to eight glasses . Diligent water consumption up to doses should be to prevent the onset of eye puffiness in your eyes are beautiful .
  • Do not stay up . Set your curfew , do not get used to sleeping through the night from ten oclock . Get used to sleep enough , as many as six to eight hours a day . However , excessive sleep is not good for health . So you have to actually set the clock sleep well , not to excess or deficiency .


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